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Page #1 of Google Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

IDM2 Guarantees your site to be on page #1 of Google within 6 months based on the following terms and conditions.

  • It is not a fixed term contract, meaning you can choose to cancel your SEO plan at anytime with the following conditions.
    • If you cancel your SEO plan after the recurring start date of your plan, then we will complete the SEO work for that month, and you will be billed for that month. Eg. If you started your plan on the 1st of Jan, and you cancel you plan on the 15th of March, we would complete the SEO work up until the 31st of March, and you would be billed for the month of March, at which time we will stop working on your SEO and recurring invoices.
    • If you cancel your SEO plan within the first 6 months, the 6 month guarantee is no longer valid as we require at lease 6 months in order to fullfil our guarantee.
  • The guarantee is based on 70% of your chosen keywords will be appearing on page #1 of Google within 6 months. This means, if you choose a ’10 keyword’ SEO plan, then we guarantee that 7 of those keywords will be appearing on page #1 of Google.
  • After 6 months, if 70% of your keywords are NOT on page #1 of Google, we continue working on your SEO plan for FREE, until we achieve this result (ie. 70% of your keywords appearing on Page #1). There is no option for a refund.
  • If keywords are modified within the first 6 months of your plan, the 6 month guarantee will be reset and start again from the date the keywords were modfiied.
  • If the client, or any other person/s (that is not part of IDM2) makes changes to the website during the course of your SEO plan WITHOUT informing IDM2, the 6 month guarantee is no longer valid. 

Free Hosting and Maintenace

Terms and Conditions

IDM2 offers 3 months FREE hosting & maintenance with our ‘Peace of Mind’ plan.

  • The 3 months free Care Plans included with our Website Packages do not include the support hours (for the first 3 months only). Support hours are only included for paid Care Plans. All other offerings in the ‘Peace of Mind’ Care Plan are included in the 3 months free Care Plan.
  • After 3 months, you will have the option to continue your hosting and maintenance plan on a subscription. You can also choose to upgrade/downgrade your plan.
  • If you choose to cancel your hosting with IDM2, there will be a 1 time fee of $200 to transfer your site to your new hosting provider
  • You can view details and pricing on our hosting, maintenance and support packages here.